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It is not only About Us, it is About You !

We adapt our know-how to the preferences and wishes of International Hunters who are looking for a reliable partner to experience an exciting Spanish Hunting Adventure, providing an added value unmatched in our organization, specialized and focused exclusively on Spain.
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Why did we became a Spanish Hunting Tours specialized in Spain ?

When we started providing our services organizing hunting for foreign people in Spain, we could notice that this business is full of amateur, intrusive and opportunist outifitter and hunting organizers.
We have suffered many times ourselves the lack of ethics, tricks and unpleasant situations.

Since then we had the firm will to break with the established rules contrary to our values ​​and to provide an impeccable service with added value.

For many years we both held positions of responsibility in international companies, traveling around the world, directing the commercial and marketing department of those companies.
During 9 years, we became Country manager for Härkila, the European leader clothing and equipment brand for hunting and also represents Rifles J.P.Ridon, Armes Pierre Artisan and Lynx Rifles.
We have been hunting in all the Scandinavian countries, Baltics and Central Europe. We used to hunt with international hunters and know their preferences.

Today in our organization, we try to adapt our know-how to international hunters wishes and preferences.

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What About You ?

* Do you value good service and quality of hunt at reasonable price?
* Are you looking for a team devoted to your requests?
* Do you expect a successful, enjoyable and unforgettable hunt?
If those points are relevant to you…definitely we can talk!.
We keep at your disposal to organise with you the hunt of your life time.
If you want to have a first feeling  by phone or skype, you can send us a message and we will fix a meeting.
Meantime you can explore our Spanish Hunting Tours for this year.
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Since 2007, each year, hundreds of international hunters trust in our services.

International companies have commissioned us to organize for them private hunts for their customers and staff.

Our goal is to continue providing an excellent service, a good hunt and to celebrate together the success of your hunt.

In order to give you the best service with a reasonable price we work every day to offer you the best Spanish Hunting Adventure.

This profession requires many technical, creative and commercial skills.

Our hunting days are prepared with rigor and professionalism.
Our commitment begins with a rigorous selection of hunting estates and partners of services.  With many years of experience and an excellent network of contacts, we carefully select the hunting estates, hotels, restaurants and other services to offer you the highest quality hunting and service.
The organization of all hunting trips is done with passion, respect and seriousness.

We accompany you at any times during your hunt and celebrate with you the success of your trip.

Our priority is your satisfaction.

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Why shall you choose us to organize

Your Spanish Hunting tour?

You are in direct contact with us, and will give you all the details you need about your hunt and it planification in order to be successful.
You can communicate directly to us your wishes and preferences and also customize your hunt. We will try to adapdt us to your wishes whenever the situation allows it.
You book your hunt directly to us, the organizer of the hunt. We are in direct contact with the owners of the private estate where we go hunting which allows a perfect control of the situation.
You can have the peace of mind of having an enjoyable hunt, as all is under control by our organization.

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Are you ready?

Let´s go hunting together

Spain offers a vast variety of biotopes and, thus, an extraordinarily varied wildlife. 14 big game species can be hunt. As a result, Spain has become a perfect destination for unbeatable hunting experiences, like driven hunts monteria, bird hunting and mountain stalking, alongside with its breathtaking scenery, magnificent hotels, rich culture, excellent cuisine and welcoming locals. Spain represents the perfect destination for combining family holiday and hunting.

Popular Hunting Tours in Spain

Best Hunting Tours Experiences

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Aoudad B. Sheep

beceite ibex spain

Beceite Ibex

Pyrenean Chamois

iberian mouflon hunting

Monteria Oropesa

Do you have any question?

In which Hunt are you interested ?
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