Have you ever experienced a Spanish Hunting Adventure?

Are you planning to hunt in Spain?

May be you feel that…

You want to hunt in Spain but you don´t know which organizer or spanish outfitter to contact ?

With so many offers, different prices and information you don´t know which one to choose ?

You feel attracted by nice offers, low prices, big promises but deep inside, you are doubting if it is the good choice ?

Or perhaps you already came to Spain for hunting but had a bad experience and feel dubious ?

We understand you perfectly.

Personally as a hunter, we also suffered many time the lack of ethic, many tricks and unpleasant situations.

Since then, as organizer, we had the firm will to break with the established “modus operandi”/methods, contrary to our values.

Over the years we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the best hunting grounds, game species, the conditions and the best staff in order to ensure a solid foundation for an exciting and successful hunting experience.

We take into consideration and adapt our services to the wishes and preferences of the International Hunters.

We help you to have an enjoyable and unforgettable Spanish Hunting Adventure.

Let´ s explore the Spanish Hunts we can organize for you…

Discover the Most Exciting Hunts in Spain

Spanish Hunting

Spain represents a magnificent country for hunting, with 14 species available and different landscapes and types of hunting, from Driven Hunt Monteria, to Stalking Mountain Hunting and also our traditional Driven Shooting for the well known Red Legged Partridges. Spain represents undoubtedly the perfect destination with its breathtaking scenery, magnificent hotels, rich culture, excellent cuisine and welcoming locals.

hunting in spain in a Driven Hunt Monteria

Driven Hunt Monteria

The Traditional way of Driven Hunt in Spain. In a Monteria, according to the Estate you can hunt an average of 180-220 animals in 2 days with 25-30 hunters. Red Stag and Wild Boar are the most popular. Sometimes Fallow Deer and Mouflon are also available.

Hunting in Spain in Gredos mountains the Spanish Ibex

Stalking Hunting

If you’re a fan of stalking mountain hunting, there are more than 10  mountain ranges in Spain, where to hunt the famous Spanish Ibex, the Cantabrian Chamois and Pyrenean Chamois and Barbary Sheep, Aoudad and more…or a combo of those.

spanish driven shooting

Red Legged Partridges

The Bird hunting most traditional and popular in Spain is the Red Legged Partridges Driven Shooting. Every hunter must experience once in his life the thrill of a “Ojeo”. The partridge walk-up is an other way to hunt this bird and no less exciting.

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Hunting in Spain…

Hunting in Spain is a privilege, counting with more than 14 species of big game and also bird hunting. The diversity of landscape and specie make Spain a wonderful country where to plan your next hunting trip.  We are at your disposal to organize for you your driven hunt, mountain hunt stalking, driven shooting or why not, your next holiday hunting.

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spanish driven hunt parade

Driven Hunt Monteria

beceite ibex spain

Beceite Spanish Ibex

cantabrian chamois

Cantabrian Chamois

driven partridge shooting spain

Driven Shooting

Pyrenean Chamois

Gredos Spanish Ibex

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