Partridge Shooting Spain

The special privilege to

Experience a Partridge Shooting in Spain!

Spain is a paradise for Partridge Shooting. The biotope & climate make it the perfect place to organize a Red Legged Partridge Shooting.
You can choose the “Ojeo”: the Traditional Partridge Driven Shooting, the Walk-Up or a mixt called traditionaly “Ganchillo”.
We only hunt in private state carefully selected with Wild birds!
driven shooting spain

Bird Hunting

Driven Partridge Shooting

We organize Driven Shooting with top quality of birds. We adapt your hunting bag to your budget.

walk up with your dog

Bird Hunting

Partridge Walk Up

A walk-up for the red legged partridge is possible for a group between 4 to 8 shooters. Only wild birds !

The professional who organize your

Shooting in Spain

We adapt our know-how to the preferences and wishes of International Hunters who are looking for a reliable partner to experience an exciting Spanish Hunting Adventure, providing an added value unmatched in our organization, specialized and focused exclusively on Spain.

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driven partridge shooting spain