I wish I knew that about the Spanish Monteria, before I booked it!

This is the most listened phrase when a hunter returns to his country after participating in a Spanish Driven Hunt Monteria.

In this post we will highlight what you have to analyze when selecting your Spanish driven hunt Monteria.

After reading this post, you will know the 5 points on which you should pay the maximum attention before booking your Monteria.



On the Estates where a big number of Females deer have been hunted the last past seasons, it is not possible to continue hunting females deer during almost the next 4 or 5 years in order to recover the level of density of female.  In the other hand, the demand of Hunting meat and the owners of the estates prefer to hunt those in a selective way instead of in a driven hunt.

This kind of Monteria with a BIG number of animals without Trophies is extremely difficult to find.

Since the great bullfight of the Monteria organized for groups of foreign hunters about 10 o 8 years ago, everything in Spain has changed. This kind of Driven Hunt with hundreds of Females deer are extremely difficult to achieve.



In a Monteria organized in Free Range, the Outfitter has no limitation as to the number of Hunters to be placed.

In other words, in a Free Range Monteria, where a large number of animals are guaranteed as for example more than 150, it is essential to place a large number of guns to ensure this expectative result.

Beware of Low Price Monteria proposal in which they assured a large number of animals !  You have to understand that it is almost impossible or extremely difficult to achieve 150 animals in a Free Range with only 25 guns.



The cheaper is a Monteria….The more expensive it becomes…

Due to a large number of Outfitters that operate in the market, the competition is tremendously disloyal.

Many organizations try to attract their clientele with “Low prices”, making Dumping, price below the market price, which is established based on supply and demand.

This type of organizations does not have any scruples in selling something that is completely unrealizable.

Keep in mind that due to the rapid growth of the Spanish economy, local hunters are buying the right to organized Monteria in a large number of Hunting Estate with prices that border on “the unthinkable”



If you want to know what criteria are based on the price you are going to pay for your place in a Monteria, you should ask to your Outfitter the following details.

You have to know the following:

* Daily Rate

* Which type of hotel you are going to stay, at what distance is the Hunting ground, type of service and type of room.

* Transfer: if it is individual or in a group?. Is it included?

* Will someone will support you at the airport for the Firearms formalities?

* Hunting License: It is mandatory in any moment.

* Price of the Hunting. In which criteria it is based on:

– You need to have a realistic estimation by which a common result of the hunting group can be guaranteed.

– Type of animals and qualities of Trophies.

– It is important to know the number of “Rehalas”: the professional group of Dog Keeper who will participate.

– Is there enough cars available to move the whole hunters and secretaries in a reasonable time to their post?

– Will you have a secretary with you?

– Regarding the catering for the lunch? Will it be included, and whcih kind of service will you have?



The best Monterias are booked early, between April to August. In the good Monteria, only can be remain some free places of “last hour” for force majeure cancellations.

In order to guarantee a good Monteria, you should book your place at least 6 month in advance and will ensure a better quality and hunting conditions.

If you are looking for a great Monteria, you can have a look at our program for next season.

We hope this information will help you to choose your next Monteria.


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We wish you to all of you a great hunt!