Pyrenean chamois hunt

8 Mountain Hunting Species available in Spain

Spain is a Paradise for the hunters interested on Stalking hunt.

The main part of tourist people knows Spain as a Country plenty of beaches and Sun, but Spain is in fact more mountainous country than Swizerland.

Since the North East (Pyrenees Mountains) with summits higher than 3.300 meters until the South (Sierra Nevada) with summits close to 3.500 meters, Spain has 14 different species as Big Game, 8 of them are Mountain hunting Game species.

1- Gredos Ibex,
For sure, the most exclusive Trophy you can hunt not only in Spain, and probably all around Europe. A Stalking Hunt that every hunter must do once is life !
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2- Beceite Ibex.
This Mountain Game has the largest distribution and the largest population of the 4 ibexes available in Spain.
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3- Ronda Ibex
4- South East (Sierra Nevada) Ibex
Both represent the small trophies in terms of the sizes of the trophies and weight of the body.
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5- Cantabrian Chamois
6- Pyrenees Chamois.
Probably the best beautiful mountain game we have in Spain. It has the smaller body of all the Spanish mountain game, and their stalking hunting is the biggest challenge you can have in terms of fitness skills and shooting skills.
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7- Barbary Sheep (Aoudad).
This exotic mountain game introduced in Spain 40 years ago, native from the North Africa (Atlas Mountains), is hunt in open range or fenced areas close to the Mediterranean sea in a very dry and abrupt desert and represents a real challenge of stalk hunt in the mountains.
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8- The Balerain Boc ( Balearian Feral Goat).
This Goat is having an incredible success, especially for the ‘trophy room collectors’. This hunting is not difficult, but promise for everyone a great hunts experience walking on the mountains with big cliffs and with the Mediterranean Sea on the bottom, and of course, a very sunny hunting days.

If you want to organise a combination of hunts for diferent secies, Spain represents the perfect country with its diversity of games and landscape.
We create a very special section, destinated to this combination with our proposal for this hunting season 2018/2019.
Spanish Species Hunting Combos

Do you want to know more about the best areas in Spain for hunting those games, the best dates?
In this guide you will have interesting tips which will allow you to make the right decisions. A cutting edge ebook including VIDEOS.
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