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European Mouflon Hunting in Spain

Probably not too many people know that the original European Mouflons are coming from the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

Those beautiful islands are plenty of really high mountains where those animals are living in their natural biotope.

However, as this rough animal adapts very well to any kind of biotope, their introduction in a big part of the European Countries has been successful.

In Spain we have a big population of this wild sheep mouflons, the main part of them are living in Fenced Estates.


This rams have the shape really open and their difference make a special catalogation by the SCI book, as they have a different “line of blood” and name them “Iberian Mouflon”.

On the main part of the estate where we are hunting, it is possible to organize a hunting species COMBO, with another interesting species like the Spanish Ibex, the Red Stag Deer and also Fallow Deer.


If you are interested in Spanish Hunting Species Combo, you can have their more information about our proposals.

The Trip – European Mouflon hunting

iberian mouflon

Depending of the area and the period of the year where we will go hunting, we will suggest you to flight to Madrid or Valencia airport.

There, we will assist you personally on the gun clearance and will go together to the hotel.

In Valencia we stand at the private lodge located on the hunting ground and the other estate close to Madrid the hotel is located at 45 minutes from the hunting ground.


We will make the necessary checks before the hunt on the Ground to make sure the rifle is accurate.

We have several rifles for renting perfectly optimized for this hunting with good scopes at very good zeroing. We seriously recommended you to use our own rifles in order to make your Trip more easy and comfortable.


We use Leica Geovid binoculars with a Ballistic chart in order to know the drop of the bullet anytime.



On the first day, after breakfast, at 8h00, we will start hunting.

We will move to the mountains in 4×4 and we start spotting the best areas where the Wild Sheep Iberian Mouflon use to feed and stand.

The hunting can takes only a few hours, or whole day, depending of the conditions of the day and the chances we can have.

80% of the hunters take the sizes as trophy that they are looking for. We never shot trophies below the minimum size expected by the hunter.


On day 2, in case we did not take the trophy on the first day, we will have the same program.

The last day we move to the Airport where I will support you personally on the gun clearance.


South of Madrid / North of Valencia– 1,30 h from both airport

Nearest Airport:

Madrid Airport or Valencia Aiport.

Land Type:

Private Estate


Mediterranean Forest. 900-1200 m. 2.950 Ft – 3.400 Ft.

Season Dates & Prime Dates:

From october to february


Between 18ºC to 30 ºC – 64 Fh to 86 Fh

Fitness Level Recommended:

Medium level of fitness

Range Shot:

100-180 m / 330 – 590 Ft

Calibers recommended:

270win, 270wsm, 7Rm, 300 win


Hotel **** or Private Lodge

Distance between Hotel and Hunting Ground

Hotel located at 45 minutes from the Hunting ground.

Private lodge located on the hunting ground.

Transport during the Hunt:

Private car, Private 4×4

These Hunters who have already

Experienced this European Mouflon Sheep Hunting

This are some of the Mouflon Sheep Hunting organized to Hunters who came from many parts of the world.
hunting landscape
iberian mouflon trophy
iberian mouflon trophy
wild sheep trophy Spain
wild sheep spain trophy
wild sheep trophy spain
wild sheep spain
Sheep Hunting Map Spain

Why shall you choose us for

Your European Mouflon Sheep Hunt?

You are in direct contact with your guide who will give you all the details you need to have a successful hunt.

You can communicate directly to us, your wishes and preferences and customize your hunt, and we will try to adapt to your wishes whenever the situation allows it.

You book your hunt directly to us, the organizer of the hunt. We are in direct contact with the owner of the private estate where we go hunting. There is no intermediary between the owner and us.

You can have the peace of mind of having an enjoyable hunt, as all is under control by our organization.

iberian sheep stalking

Your guide for this…

Mouflon Sheep Hunting

Raúl Crespo de Evan.

* Founder & CEO of Spanish Hunting Adventure

* Experienced in Mountain Stalking Hunt since more than 25 years.

* Game Keeper & Manager

* Monteria´s Captain

* Languages: English, French, Spanish

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