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Spanish Driven Hunt Monteria!

The Spanish Driven Hunt named “Monteria” in a private or public hunting area only 1 day per season, in an area of nearly 500 hectares, with more or less 400 dogs for an average of 25/30 hunters.

This traditional hunt takes place normally 2 days or can be organized on 3 days for a whole group in different hunting ground close to each other. Driven hunt monteria can be organized only to shoot one specie or a mixt of animals: Red Stags, Hinds, Fallow Deer, Mouflons and Wid Boars.

If you are interested in a Monteria, you have to make sure to book it directly with the people who are organizing it, in order to have all the details.

The organization of this hunt has to be done with rigor and professionalism.

At ”Spanish Hunting Adventure” we are specialized in organizing Spanish Driven Hunt Monteria since several years.

This profession requires many technical, creative and commercial skills.

Our commitment begins with a rigorous selection of hunting states and partners of services. Thanks to many years of experience and an excellent network of contacts, we carefully select the hunting estates, hotels restaurants and other services to offer you the perfect quality hunting and service.

We accompany you at all time during your trip, since your arrival at the airport, giving you our support with the Gun Clearance and celebrate with you the success of your hunt.

In order to make the right decision, to choose the right organizer, and finaly to have a Successful Spanish Driven Hunt Monteria, you have to know several points that we explain in this Free Guide. The Ultimate Guide to have a Successful Monteria.

Your satisfaction is the success of any organizer engaged.

If you want to know more about us, and what we can do for you, please click here.

The Best Driven Hunts in Spain – Season 2021/22

Enjoy our Driven Hunting Monteria Program for this season.

Dates: from 4th to 7 th of November 2021

Driven Hunt “The Spanish Big 4” Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Wild Boar

30 GUNS ( 15 left),  2 days hunting,


2 nights full board accommodation  with the following quotas and services:

First day quota: 3 trophies ( 2 Red Stag  +  1 Mouflon or 1 fallow deer), 2 females, wild boars No limits.

Second day quota: 1 Trophy (Red Stag or Fallow Deer) 7 females, wild boars No limits.

(+-) 270 animals

Hunting License

Hotel 4 stars, double room  (Puerto Llano)

PRICE: 3.950€


Single room, 80€ per day
Extra night, single room 140€
Rifle renting

Not included:

Transfer (3h)

2021/10/04 12:08:27

Dates: from 15th to 16th of January 2022

The Big 5 Monteria

20 guns, (8 left)  2 days hunting,


3 nights full board accommodation  with the following quotas and services

First day quota:  2 Trophies (very good quality) to choose between (Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Barbary Sheep) 2 wild boars, Females NO LIMITS

Second day quota: 1 trophy, 5 females, wild boars No limits.

(+) 300 Animals.

Transfer included.

Hunting License.

Hotel 5 stars ( TOLEDO), single room.

PRICE: 6.300€


Companion: 600€ .


Rifle renting

2022/01/06 12:08:27

Dates: from 27th to 30th of January 2022

Great Spanish Monteria

20 GUNS ,  2 days hunting,


3 nights full board accommodation  (Puertollano 2 h from Madrid Airport and 3 h from Malaga Airport)

First day quota: 2 Trophies (Red Stag or Fallow deer) 3 females, wild boars NO limits (big number of them)

Second day quota: 10 hinds, wild boards no limits (only a few)

(+-) 340 animals

Hunting License ((Andalucía + Castilla la Mancha))

PRICE: 4.320€


Single room, 70€ per day
Extra Bar
Rifle renting

Not included:

Transfer from the Aiport to the Hotel/ Estates

2022/01/06 02:08:27

Wishing for a Private Driven Hunting Monteria?

If you are a group of hunters, have any request and you want us to organized for you a Driven Hunt Monteria, please feel free to contact us, we can customize your hunt.

Raúl Crespo de Evan: +34 616 449 740 or email us at contact@spanish-hunting-adventure.com

These Hunters who already had a Great

Driven Hunting Monteria

Each year hundreds of hunters come to Spain to enjoy the Spanish Driven Hunting Monteria, most of them are coming from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France.

Why shall you choose us for

Your Driven Hunting in Spain?

You are in direct contact with your organizer who will give you all the details you need to have for having a successful hunt.

You can communicate directly to us, your wishes and preferences and we will try to adapt to your wishes whenever the situation allows it.

You book your hunt directly to us, the organizer of the hunt. We are in direct contact with the owner of the private estate where we go hunting. There is no intermediary between the owner and us.

Our Good Results guarantee us. Expectation and estimation exceded by 109 %. See the Summary Monteria 2017/2018

You can have the peace of mind of having an enjoyable hunt, as all is under control by our organization.

spain outfitter

Your Organizer and Guide for this…

Spanish Driven Hunt Monteria

Raúl Crespo de Evan.

* Founder & CEO of Spanish Hunting Adventure

* Monteria´s Captain

* Experienced in Mountain Stalking Hunt since more than 25 years.

* Game Keeper & Manager

* Languages: English, French, Spanish

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