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Hunting  Monteria and other Spanish Hunts

spanish driven hunt

Driven Hunt Monteria

2 days of hunting. Driven hunt monteria with an estimation of +- 220 animals in 2 days, with 28 guns. 1st day: 2 big stags + 4 hinds. 2sd day: 2 stags + free shooting in hinds, wild boars and does. Estate located at 50 minutes from Toledo.


350 animals Driven Hunt

2 days of hunting. More than 350 animals in 2 days, with 26 guns.  LAST 16 PLACES LEFT !!! NO LIMIT SHOOTING.!!! Estimation of 80 Red Stags 30% Good quality, 15% Medal trophies, 280 Hinds, a few does and fallow deers.

gredos ibex hunt

Gredos Spanish Ibex Hunt

The mountain stalking to hunt the Gredos Spanish Ibex is an extraordinary spanish hunting adventure. Any hunters must experience this hunt once his life. This hunt take place north of Madrid.