5 Ideas for Great Hunting Vacations in Spain

Have you ever considered Spain for your next Hunting Vacations?


If you love traveling probably you know that Spain is the second country on the World with more foreign visitors. However, after to read these words probably you’ll think that Spain even can be the first option for you!!

The reasons are simple: a huge diversification of social, cultural, folklore, geographic and landscape that enriches our “Piel de Toro” (bull skin, as we name the Iberian’s map).

Spain has 2 different and long shores: the Atlantic one and the Mediterranean. It counts with a lot of Mountains from North to South. At the same time a large history and very diverse cultures.


Through time, some of the richest and most developed cultures settled in this country. From the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans or the Umayyad who came from Persia and established here one of the most beautiful kingdoms of all time, or the Goths or the Vikings who also left their mark here.

The Celtic culture with the bag pipes and checkering clothes. The Visigoth culture, with some of the most reputed wines around the World, as the “Ribera del Duero” red wines. The Mozarabe’s culture where their cities remember us the Arabian Nights. The Phoenician culture that gave us our Mediterranean legacy, with cities that was focused on handmade products such as Mallorca or Valencia and where the people live in an eternal spring. And that is not all, there are many other ones that offer us hundreds of opportunities.

In all these Regions there is a big gastronomy tradition, using endemic and natural products, fresh fish and sea food. Natural meat coming from the mountains, fresh vegetables and fruits coming from the valleys… Spain has in fact a big a large agricultural and livestock extension as well, having at the same time the second fisheries harbor on the World (after Tokyo), located on the “Rias Bajas”, Pontevedra’s Province.


There are a huge number of Golf Courses, beautiful Horses, nice and quiet beaches (or crazy young atmosphere, depending on your preferences!). Even if you can’t believe it there are a big number of really good Ski Stations.

There are some of the most reputed Museums all around the world like The Prado art Gallery or The Thyssen-Bornemisza art Gallery. A diversified architecture, and interesting shows like the most International and mystic Flamenco Show.


And of course, what it is the most important for a Hunter, a lot of game with 14 different species as Big Game. The 4 subspecie of Ibex, Fallow deer, Iberian Mouflon, Barbary Sheep, Wild Boar, Cantabrian Chamois, Pyrenean chamois, Red Stag, Spanish wolf, Balearean Goat (Boc) and Roe deer.  And a huge population of small game as well, as for example the famous Red Ledges Partridge, with some of the best and luxury Driven Shootings of all around the world.

In addition, the level of hotels, restaurants and services is considered one of the best in the world, so the pleasure of enjoying a good trip is more than assured.


In the main part of these Regions the weather is quite agreeable with around 300 days of Sun or even more, except by the natural conditions on the Mountain areas where the periods to hunt the weather can be like a “Continental Weather” or mountain’s weather.

So? Why don’t you start thinking for your next Family Trip, coming to Spain and enjoying all these wonderful activities and experiences?

Let’s us helping you on this task!

Hunting Vacation nº 1:

In the North of Spain on the Cantabrian Mountains, you can have a stalking for the Cantabrian chamois in combination with a stalking for the mountain Red Deer. You have to arrive at Madrid airport where you will find multiple options, from the most common visit to the Center Town upon your arrival, as well as the most distant hunting places in the city, including the most authentic trip visiting the Celtic states of Spain as they are, León, Asturias and Galicia By the way, the latter a paradise for seafood lovers.  This Trip can include mountain hunt. As well cultural, beach, gastronomy and wineries visits. Best dates: September / October.



Hunting Vacation nº 2:

You can have a Beach Family Party, coming to the Mediterranean Shore, where it is possible to hunt the Beceite Ibex, Aoudad, Wild Boar, European Mouflon….all these species in a single Trip!! You will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best Sandy Beaches we have, and of course to test the Paella in some of their different recipes! You can arrive to Valencia Airport, an interesting City where the really old mixed with an Incredible new “Star Wars City”. Best dates since November to January.



Hunting Vacation nº 3:

If you prefer the Culture atmosphere visiting the last Muslim Kingdom we had in Europe, you will have to go to the Andalusia District, arriving to the International Airport of Malaga.

Here you can have several options, since the stalking for the Ronda and South East Ibexes until a Great Monteria.

For your Family and Companions, depending of the dates you can propose them a visit of the Amazing Cities of Cordoba and Granada or to enjoy the Beach or even to have an Alpine Ski in Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Best dates: middle November to middle January



Hunting Vacation nº 4:

For people who Fall in Love with Spanish wine the place should undoubtedly be the center of the country, arriving to Madrid airport. It is possible to visit some of the best wineries of Ribera del Duero, Toro, Gigales, Verdejo … and obviously combine it with the exquisite traditional cuisine, milk’s lamb, red meats, delicious game dishes … in other words, a real delirium to the most exquisite palates. In this vast area that includes both Castilla Leon and Castilla La Mancha we can organize for you a nice Monteria, a Gredos Ibex Stalking on the best Estates to shot a big Trophy, a Driven Shooting or a stalking for a big Roe deer Trophy, Fallow deer, Mouflon or even a big Red Deer Stag. Best dates Depending on the game you chose, since September to February.



Hunting Vacation nº 5:

For people who are looking for a quite Mountain Atmosphere, in Pyrenees Mountains we find summits touching the surprising high altitude of 3.300 meters. In this Paradise you can find the beautiful Pyrenees Chamois. It is possible a combination with a stalking for the Mountain Roe deer (only in May/June). At the same time you can enjoy a Great pleasant atmosphere in a THERMAL WATERS that you can find in some of the better Spa, “Balneario in spanish” that we have in the Pyrenees. To organize this trip we suggestion you to arrive to Barcelona Airport. Best dates depending of your preferences, but between May and June are suitable or October.



After this quickly tour around some interesting destinations where it is possible to organize a good hunting with a combination of Family’s Holyday, the next question for you will be if you need to know something more?

If yes, please feel free to contact us, we are focused only in Spanish Trips, we are living and working here! There is no excuse for not coming and visit us !

We keep at your disposal!