Lynx Rifles

Lynx Rifles

 The Spanish Driven Hunting “Monteria” is driven hunting in whipping with a lot of action. Normally in this kind of Driven hunt you can have several chances on the same 5 or 10 seconds. The Lynx Rifle TD15 with a fantastic straight-pull bolt action gives me the possibility to repeat the shot very fast, very accurate and the most important, very safety. 

The straight-pull bolt actions most safety of the market of the new straight-pull action rifles ! The action has only 6 different parts, doing it very reliable and very easy to maintain.

In addition, I have several magazines to interchange in a very fast movement. It has also a High capacity magazine, so I’m using as normal the high capacity magazine and I put the basic magazine instead I’m reloading on the big one. I have always the rifle with ammunition in order not to loose chances during this process.

The Lynx rifles are handcrafted and each and every rifle is produced and tested to perfection, top precision, providing an excellent accuracy.

We have been doing several hunting stalking on the mountains with it, and we took one of the biggest Gredos Ibex ever at 360 meters. In my opinion, the Lynx has a fantastic performance for all kind of hunt, and very especially on the Driven Hunting Spanish Monteria, making it a highly recommended weapon for big game hunting.