Spanish Ibex

The special privilege to

Hunt a Spanish Ibex!

It is always a privilege to hunt in the mountains. If you respect the mountain, understand it and take the opportunity that it gives you….you will be rewarded.
In Spain we have the privilege to hunt this endemic specie, the Spanish Ibex, only available in our country, with 4 different sub-species catalogued by SCI. The biggest one is Gredos and the smallest is Ronda.
Every hunter has to experience at least once on his life the hunting of this exclusive and emblematic trophy.
At “Spanish Hunting Adventure” we are SPECIALIST of GREDOS and BECEITE Spanish Ibex, the bigest Trophies available in Spain.
Your guide is one of the most professional Mountain guide experimented in Spain.
Let´s read a bit more about him…


 As a Mountain guide, I know very well the mountains; in fact I born just in from the Guadarrama summits (North of Madrid), that is in fact our home.
During my youth I was a Mountain Guide, climbing all the big summits we have in Spain since the Pyrenees to Sierra Nevada.
But not only the Spanish summits, at the age of 18 I was in the summit of the Mont Blanc (4.810mts) and in the Matterhorn (4.478mts) on the French/Switzerland Alpes, so I have a huge experience on the mountains.
Even in high mountain areas, we are always close to populations; however I have extensive knowledge in terms of First Aid thanks to my training as PADI Rescue Diver.
I’m a Professional Game Keeper and I have a diploma of Game Manager (Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenious de Montes, Madrid)
During the year, we use to visit frequently all our hunting areas in order to know what type of expectative we can propose to our Customers during the season.
We deal directly with the Owners of the Estates; there is NO INTERMEDIARY between you and us.
We can advise you on everything concerning hunting in the Spanish Mountains without any doubt. Since you are landing to Spain, we accompany you at any time, with the rifles formalities at the airport on arrival and departure if you bring your weapon, during the hunt and of course, sharing with you nice moment after hunt. We celebrate with you the success of your trip.
We have several high quality rifles perfectly optimized for mountain hunting, what makes your trip from a distant country easier, especially if you are a non-EU community citizen. Before starting the hunt, we make a visit to the Shooting range to verify the equipment.
Thanks to our extensive experience gained in the past as event organizers for International companies, we are ready to guarantee a successful hunting event.
Are you ready for your challenge? We keep at your disposal!
Gredos Ibex Hunting

Mountain Hunt

Gredos Spanish Ibex

The Gredos Ibex represents the top of the Spanish Trophies. Only a few licenses are available each season.

beceite ibex

Mountain Hunt

Beceite Spanish Ibex

The most popular spanish mountain game all around the world, the beceite ibex represents a great hunt and an amazing trophy.

Mountain Hunt

Spanish Hunting Combos

You can hunt in 1 trip different species close to hunting areas. The Grand Slam is the higher challenge you can have.

sierra nevada hunting

Mountain Hunt

Sierra Nevada Ibex

We can combine this hunt with the Ronda Ibex, due to the proximity of their hunting areas in the same hunting trip.

ronda ibex

Mountain Hunt

Ronda Spanish Ibex

The smallest Ibex in Spain. We can combine a hunt with the southeast Ibex, due to the proximity of their hunting areas.

Mountain Hunt

Grand Slam Spanish Ibex

Let´s hunt the four different head types of Spanish Ibex in 1 or 2 fantastic trip. with an experienced guide.

Spanish Hunting Species Map


Why shall you choose us to hunt the

Spanish Ibex.

100% Success rate. Hunt in high density private areas with a Professional Guide.
You are in direct contact with your guide who will give you all the details you need in order to have a successful hunt.
You can communicate directly to us, your wishes and preferences and customize your hunt, and we will try to adapt to your wishes whenever the situation allows it.
You book your hunt directly to us: who organize the hunt. We are in direct contact with the owner of the private estate where we go hunting. There is NO intermediary between the owner and us.
You can have the peace of mind of having an enjoyable hunt, as all is under control by our organization.

Your guide for this

Spanish Ibex Hunting

* Founder & CEO of Spanish Hunting Adventure
* Experienced in Mountain Stalking Hunt since more than 25 years.
* Game Keeper & Manager
* Monteria´s Captain
* Languages: English, French, Spanish

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gredos ibex spain

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