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Formerly called Hispania by the Romans, this rich peninsule is, without any doubt, a ‘hunting paradise close by’.
It is surrounded by over 3,000-metre-high mountain ranges: the Pyrenees as a Northern natural frontier with the rest of Europe and Sierra Nevada in the South. Likewise, the rest of the country is made up of sweet hills, deep valleys, farming plains, woods, crystal-clear rivers and fertile vineyards producing our world-famous wines.
For those into country life in general and hunting in particular, Spain offers a vast variety of biotopes and, thus, an extraordinarily varied wildlife.
As a result, Spain has become a perfect destination for unbeatable hunting  experiences like driven hunts, driven shootings and mountain stalkings, alongside with its breathtaking scenery, magnificent hotels, rich culture, excellent cuisine and welcoming locals.
Nowadays, more and more international hunters choose Spain as a hunting destination.
At “Spanish Hunting Adventure”, we make our best to organise for you successful and affordable Spanish Hunting Trips.
Gredos Ibex Hunting

Mountain Hunt

Gredos Spanish Ibex

The Gredos Ibex represents the top of the Spanish Trophies. Only a few licenses are available each season.

beceite ibex

Mountain Hunt

Beceite Spanish Ibex

The most popular spanish mountain game all around the world, the beceite ibex represents a great hunt and an amazing trophy.

Combo Hunts

Mountain Hunt

Spanish Hunting Combos

You can hunt in 1 trip different species close to hunting areas. The Grand Slam is the higher challenge you can have.

Driven Hunt Monteria Red Stag

Driven Hunt Monteria

Imperial Monteria

2 days, 26 guns: 1st day: 2 big stags + 4 hinds. 2sd day: 2 stags, free shooting in hinds, wild boars and does. Located at 50 min. from Toledo.

driven hunt monteria

Driven Hunt Monteria

“+350” Monteria

NO LIMIT to shoot. More than 350 animals. +-80 Red Stags 30% Good quality, 15% Medal trophies, 280 Hinds, a few does and fallow deers.

cantabrian chamois

Mountain Hunt

Cantabrian Chamois

This beautiful wild animal is the smallest trophy you can have in Spain, however their hunt is a big challenge.

pyrenean chamois hunting

Mountain Hunt

Pyrenean Chamois

The biggest chamois available in Spain where you will have the opportunity to hunt it on the best estates of the whole Pyrenees.

mouflon sheep spain

Stalk Hunt

Iberian Mouflon

In Spain the European mouflon has a “special” clasification by the SCI, named Iberian Mouflon. This wild sheep as an intersting trophy.

ronda ibex

Mountain Hunt

Ronda Spanish Ibex

The smallest Ibex in Spain. We can combine a hunt with the southeast Ibex, due to the proximity of their hunting areas.

sierra nevada hunting

Mountain Hunt

Sierra Nevada Ibex

We can combine this hunt with the Ronda Ibex, due to the proximity of their hunting areas in the same hunting trip.

red stag hunting in spain

Stalk Hunt

Red Stag Deer

Red Stag Deer can be hunt during the rut season where you can spot the biggest trophies.

fallow deer spain

Stalk Hunt

Fallow Deer

Spain has beautiful Fallow deer Trophies. The best are hunt during the rut season.

driven shooting spain

Bird Hunting

Driven Partridge Shooting

We organize Driven Shooting with top quality of birds. We adapt your hunting bag to your budget.

aoudad spain

Mountain Hunt

Aoudad Sheep

The most exotic trophy available in Spain always hunt in the east shore free range.

walk up with your dog

Bird Hunting

Partridge Walk Up

A walk-up for the red legged partridge is possible for a group between 4 to 8 shooters. Only wild birds !

Spanish Hunting Species Map

hunting areas spain

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